To all Fashion and Costume D I Y- ers and aspiring designers

Hi, I’m Maralaina.  I am a fashion and costume designer. Currently, I am focused on computer-based fashion design and illustration. Based in Winnipeg; the long winters afford me many cozy inside hours to work on projects. I prefer hot chocolate to coffee; cocktails to wine; and late nights to early mornings. My favorite places: beaches, campgrounds and dance floors.

The purpose of this blog to provide inspiration and tools for those who like to design and/or make their own outfits. Here you will find photos and  videos depicting how an outfit can be assembled  from scratch, using raw materials and patterns; or from outdated fashions from your closet, thrift finds, and re-purposed household items.

Most of my design projects will be illustrated in  layered sequence; showing how the design was created, as each fashion element was added to, or subtracted from the model.

There will also be videos of outfits re-created from thriftshop “finds” and re-purposed household items. Many projects will include url Links to the DIY Tuturials that inspired me. If you own an image you want taken down, please email me at m@maralaina.com

I hope you find these pages entertaining, inspirational, and helpful.


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