Building a Bra Wardrobe


Building a Bra Wardrobe

Instead of having just one bra, that you wear everyday until it finally fights back or gives up; why not build a “bra-wardrobe”? Buy only good quality bras that you love, and that will have a “star spot” in your closet. You’ll slowly, one bra at a time; build a beautiful collection of bras in different colours and sizes, that will last for years. It’s the wiser way to invest!

The idea of a “bra wardrobe” often begins to take seed when a woman resignedly walks into the lingerie shop in search of a replacement for her “old friend”, who is failing her. She is used to this bra and the way it fits under her clothing. Then there’s the cost factor. Good bras are expensive, and this one was $175. She’s only had it a year; but one underwire has broken. This woman is now feeling somewhat bitter, since, to get her correct size, she has to buy the expensive brands.

If her bra-fitter is conscientious, she will suggest that the wires in her (otherwise good) bra can be replaced and she could use it as a spare bra. She will also suggest that having a few bras, in different colours and styles will add longevity to her bra purchases. This is very true!

Alternating your bras, extends their lives because the elastics in them get to rest between wearings. And wouldn’t it be nice to have a choice in styles; you know…the plunge neckline for low-cut tops, the smooth one for T-shirts, and a balconette for the occasions that call for that special lift?

The main key to successfully building a bra-wardrobe is in taking excellent care of your new bra purchases. That means never, not even once; submitting them to the atrocities of the washer and dryer. Of course, if you have several bras, it is easier to treat them well since they don’t have to be over-worked. You can afford to treat these dainty commodities to ‘bra-spa” day, when you lovingly treat them to lingerie-friendly shampoos, and gentle “pat-drys” Because they are worth it; bras that are showing signs of wear-and-tear, or need re-sizing can be presented to your bra-repair professional face-lifts, nips and tucks.

Having done bra-repairs for a lingerie-shop for the past ten years, I can testify that bras; if they are treated well, and you have enough of them to cycle; can easily last many years. I have clients, who bring in bras that our suppliers have long-ago discontinued. The colours are still bright, and the bra’s structural integrity is still intact.

So; when bra-shopping; instead of thinking “replacement”, think “wardrobe building”. It takes some time; but I if you begin with two new bras (a dark and a light) and diligently add one new (and exciting) bra to your collection every 4-6 months; you can do it! Just remember to take care of the beauties you already have, and a bra “treasure chest” will be yours. Good laundry practices and timely repair will pay off and there’ll be no more “ratty” bras in your drawers.


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