Choosing a Gift of Lingerie for Your Lady


One of the greatest challenges faced by modern man is entering the lingerie shop to purchase a gift for his wife. This act; when done with loving intention, is one of the most endearing moves a man can make. For the man; the privilege of selecting a gift of lingerie gift000818crf1somehow signifies a “right of passage” into the intimacies of her real world.

His First Venture into the Lingerie Shop. For the average male; not only is this “bra paradise” unfamiliar territory; but his very presence here seems to proclaim “I’m in an intimate relationship with a woman”. A surrounding audience of female shoppers doesn’t make it any easier. Bewildered, somewhat bashful, and a little uncomfortable… the man faces his first hurdle. The friendly sales lady asks him: “what size bra does she wear?”

Enter “The Man who Knows” As lingerie professionals, we sigh in admiration at the veteran-lingerie-client who can walk in and take a casual look around; carefully select a few items and confidently approach the sales person for advise on size and colour availability. This man actually knows her bra size! This is the rare man. There are not too many. What we do know about him is that he has not attained this level of knowledge and confidence overnight. No… there definitely had to have been some pitfalls and setbacks along the way. Another sigh… as he walks through the door carrying his carefully wrapped testament to glory.

Now…for the rest of you out there; here are a few pointers.

Know Her Size. If at all possible, try to find out her size ahead of time. It’s really simple. All you have to do is jot down those little numbers from the tag inside one of her bras; usually located at the back of he band, near the hooks. If in doubt; get the numbers off two bras. We’ll figure out the rest. The ladies at the lingerie shop really need to know this stuff; especially if you’re shopping for a fitted piece; like a bra, bodysuit, corset, or teddy. Stretching out your arms and cupping your hands (like you do for gauging the size of “the one that got away”) and saying “oh she’s about this big” just won’t cut it here.

Hint: Unless your lady is super self-confident about her body image; and you really do know her size; choose something classy and not too fitted…. There is nothing like asking her to model her new “outfit” for you, and having her feel embarrassed when the panties are too small or the cups too big. Unfortunately; this uncomfortable little scenario is played out a lot more often than even women would like to admit.

Something partially sheer; but not blatantly risque is more likely to make her feel special. Remember that if she loves it; she’ll love wearing it again and again…for you.

Browse Around. You’probably have a fairly good of idea of what your lady likes, and perhaps some fun things she might like to experiment with. Some questions that will come up are “lace or smooth”, “molded, contoured, push-up”. Try to take a few minutes to browse the store on your own. Sales people can seem quite daunting at times; (their job) but you can request some time to gather your wits about you in this unfamiliar territory before answering questions. By taking some time to “clear the fog” and familiarize yourself with colours and styles, there’s a good possibility that something will catch your eye. And that’s a good start!

Consider Her Tastes. Does she tend toward flowing feminine styles? Is she dramatic? Does one particular colour seem to dominate her wardrobe?

If this is kind of new to the both of you; something partially sheer; but not blatantly risque is more likely to make her feel special. Remember that if she loves it; she’ll love wearing it again and again…for you.

Consider a Gift Certificate. High-end lingerie shops usually sell gift certificates. Giving her a gift-certificate will insure that she’ll get a free professional bra-fitting; and she’ll be advised on which brands are best for her lifestyle and figure-type. Your lady-love will probably be quite amazed at just what a good bra can do for her!

Be Consumer-Wise. It helps to have some idea of the general price-range of the store’s merchandise. It is not unusual (in some of these shops) to see guy dazed with sticker-shock, as he mutters something incoherent; while heading for the door. Specialty lingerie-shops can indeed, be quite pricey, because they carry the “cadillacs” of their field. If you’re in doubt, you could always phone the store ahead of time and ask for their average price for a bra-panty set. That will give you a fairly good idea. A first-class lingerie set usually ranges from $250 – $350+ This is where you’ll find names like Simone Perelle, Lise Charmel and Empriente. Think of it this way – it’s the stuff the movie stars wear in the films.

Be sure to confirm the store’s return/exchange policy. Usually items (except for very intimate panty, thong, briefs and swimwear) are exchangeable within a specified time frame; provided the tags are attached and you have the sales receipt.

Choose Quality over Quantity. Add something to her closet that she will love to wear again and again, and will make her feel special. As any owner of fine lingerie can tell you; it’s better to have one really great bra that fits, than a drawer full of stuff that you can’t wear.

Enjoy! A gift of lingerie can be on one of those gifts that truly keeps on giving, as you are reminded each time she wears it; that you are truly a wise man. You are competent in you choice of a partner as well as your choice of fashion

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