Re-Purposing those “Finds”

Create Costumes from things you unearth in your travels, or discover in the attic

Do you enjoy the thrill of  discovering a vintage 40s dress; while the combing the treasure troves of  a “pre-owned” clothing boutique? yes?

You can greatly increase your chances of finding something special, by learning to “see”  possibilities in the less-perused isles of your local Good-will store. With a bit of practice;  your new “magpie” eyes will be seeing the bias-cut skirt in an a forest green pair of silk drapes…or the evening shrug concealed in a lacy vintage table cloth.

Look for trims, appliques, and other embellishments than can be removed from existing garments. Can you see how that gorgeous brocade braid that borders the old ivory couch-spread, would be a great trim for the “snow angel’s” cape?

Don’t forget the old linens trunk. The airy flounces of an old bedspread may have potential for a princess dress for a little girl; or a summer skirt for you!

A quilted satin bedspread could become a gothic  hooded cape. No matter that the center of the spread is worn or snagged; for it is the part that hangs over the bed’s edge, you will be using.

That lacy bassinet cover? Well, there’s a tutu in there for sure! Vintage lace curtains also have oodles of flouncy airy material for the skirts and veils of goddesses and princesses. When dipped in black dye, they take on an especially creepy hue for all those witchy/spooky “gothics” out there.

Before you cut;  Get a preview of how the finished product will look.  Experiment with different hem-lengths, or see how it will look if you remove the sleeves: or add a bow to the waistline.

But Wait! Before you make that first cut; think it through. A bit of  “design work” will help you realize the fullest potential for your treasure. If you really want to be inspired by all the possibilities; do some visual creative experimentation.  You can even make yourself a virtual design  room; complete with all the garment pieces, trims and elements you’d ever need.

E l e M i n t s  Fashion Creator is a series of Fashion images that are designed to be layered over a mannequin template. These 300 dpi png images work with any image program that supports layers.  StylePix by Hornil is FREE, and is a very user-friendly program.