Found Treasures

Fashion from “Finds”

Do you enjoy the thrill of  discovering a vintage 40s dress; while the combing the treasure troves of  a “pre-owned” clothing boutique? yes?

You can greatly increase your chances of finding something special, by learning to “see”  possibilities in the less-perused isles of your local Good-will store. With a bit of practice;  your new “magpie” eyes will be seeing the bias-cut skirt in an a forest green pair of silk drapes…or the evening shrug concealed in a lacy vintage table cloth.

Look for trims, appliques, and other embellishments than can be removed from existing garments. An otherwise-“tired” skirt may have a a full hem edged in a gorgeous brocade braid.

Don’t forget the linens isle. The airy flounces of an old bedspread may have potential for a princess dress for a little girl; or a summer skirt for you! A quilted satin bedspread could become a gothic  hooded cape. No matter that the center of the spread is worn or snagged; it it is the part that hangs over the bed’s edge, you will be using.