M I Y make it yours

Resize, Upcycle, or Modify

Perhaps you found it at one of your thrift-shop haunts; or a friend passed it onto you. It’s a little out-of-date; but that beautiful green matches your eyes perfectly!  This Blog is about making that item work for you.

How it works:

You take a:                         Prom Gown    Dress   Top    Skirt

Remove the:                       Bodice   Collar   Sleeves

 Add a:                                  Sleeve     Bow     Collar     Tail     Pair of Wings     Belt

 Then:                                                       Shorten     Lengthen   Decorate     Shred      it

 Embellish it with a:       Bow    Sequin border   Row of Buttons    Flower

                                                                                 and … make it Yours

As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

Before you cut;  Get a preview of how the finished product will look.  Experiment with different hem-lengths, or see how it will look if you remove the sleeves: or add a bow to the waistline.

E l e M i n t s  Fashion Creator is a series of Fashion images that are layered over a mannequin template. These 300 dpi png images work with any image program that supports layers.  StylePix by Hornil is FREE, and is a very user-friendly program.