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When the Under-wire in your Bra Breaks

When the under-wire in your bra breaks 
It is ALWAYS very frustrating, inconvenient… and aggravating when an under-wire breaks.

When the bra is an expensive one; it can escalate into a major problem for the wearer. A good bra costs upwards of $150. The only real comparison I can think of, that really measures up to a trauma of a busted under wire; is a tire blow-out. It has to be fixed/replaced, it’s going to be expensive, and it has to be NOW!

One of my clients was driving to work, in heavy traffic, when she felt the snap. After a frustrating morning at work; she phoned me and made the trip across the city during her lunch hour to drop her bra for repair and hurriedly purchase a new one. It’s an expensive and aggravating problem.

Why the under-wires snap 
When under-wires break; it’s almost always a re-occurring problem for the wearer; and usually not a flaw in the bra’s construction. When this tends to happen on the same side of the bra each time; it’s because of asymmetry of the body. Yes; most of us us have one breast slightly fuller than the other. This explains also, why your bra may constantly pull slightly to one side, buckle in the front centre, or need one shoulder strap to be a bit tighter. The larger the cups; the more stress this imbalance of weight and volume puts on the bra’s wire. Eventually something has to “give”

When the under-wire in your bra works its way out 
When the under-wire works its way out of the casing; it can lead to some interesting moments. If you’re lucky; you’ll notice it before you put it on.

I professor I know was actually giving a lecture when she felt “something strange” going on. She was embarrassed to look down and discover that the wire of her bra had snaked out of it’s casing and was forming a silvery metal crescent across her upper chest. Life is tough enough without moments like that!

Why underwires “work their way out” 
When the wire becomes lost; that is, when you pull your laundry out of the washer or dryer and find that your bra is now irregularly-shaped and somewhat flaccid on one side; it could be because of your laundering techniques.

Under-wire bras should NEVER be placed in the washer or dryer. That lost wire is likely sitting stuck under the agitator, and will soon manifest it’s malevolence by wrecking havoc on your washer. That’s double damage! The agitating motion of the washer causes the wires to “rock” their way out of your bra. Under-wire loss is only one of the nasty things that your bra can succumb to in the washer. Stretched and tangled straps, hooks twisted and ripped out, and shredded lace, are some of the others. 

You’ll be doing yourself; and your pocketbook a big favour by hand-washing your bras.

When your wires “bow out”  For fuller busted ladies, the weight and pressure of the breast on the wires may cause the wire’s shape to bow out. The cups slowly become shallower and wider, compromising the integrity of the bra over time. Replacing the wires can give you that ‘brand new” fit back, and, compared to the expense of a new bra; can be a very cost-effective solution.

In conclusion: Consistent good laundry and care of your new bra is mandatory to maintain its good fit and integrity. Reputable and high-end lingerie retailers will always repeat the mantra “hand-wash, hang-to-dry – no washers or dryers please” and they’ll add “don’t fold the cups into each other” (for molded cups). I would suggest you make the effort to heed your bra-specialist’s (you know, the place where you spent all that money) recommendations for laundry and care.

Sometimes under-wire failure is impossible to predict or prevent.; but a good bra lasts a long time; and replacing that errant under-wire is a very viable possibility, if the rest of the bra is in good condition.

Article Source: EzineArticles